December 08, 2008

Well, I'll be!

On the way in to work this morning, and decided to pull in at McDonald's for one of their nutritious McSkillet breakfast burritos, as I on occasion am prompted to do by the combined effects of hunger and hip McGen-X advertising Mciconography I see on the tee-vee.

Ordered, heard my order mumbled back to me, and drove around to the window. Watched the driver in front of me pay, wondered when he'd get through with his chat with the cashier. He drove on, I rumbled up. Stuck my hand and my money out the window, and the girl said, "He pay for it for you."

I had one of those rare, genuine, flummoxed double-takes that you have when someone says something that simply doesn't compute.

"Do what?" said me, with an accent heavy with wtf.

"That man, he pay for your order. Is free!"

Well, I'll be doggone.

I didn't know what to do, so for some odd reason I smiled and thanked the cashier (who graciously accepted it), then rolled forward and did a double-tap on the horn and waved as the fellow in the Nissan Pathfinder drove off.

He waved back.

Just one of those nice little things that make you think nice little thoughts all day long. And to think--the guy was a Georgia Bulldog fan!!

Maybe there's hope for mankind yet!

Posted by Terry Oglesby at December 8, 2008 12:21 PM

I doubt it. I think he used your bailout check to pay.

Posted by: skinnydan at December 9, 2008 08:38 AM

::slaps self in forehead:: How could I have been so gullible!? Well, that just tears it! I'm adding another $4.18 to my invoice to Congress!

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at December 9, 2008 09:08 AM

Were you driving the hunk of Swedish iron? Maybe he felt sorry for you. ;)

Or perhaps he has a Swedish car at home and felt a certain level of camaraderie.

Posted by: Jordana at December 9, 2008 08:49 PM

Hmmm--why, yes, yes I was driving the Volvo...

I wonder if he--oh, surely not.

But, maybe--

Wait just a derned minute--on second thought, I think he must have PITIED ME!

Him in his fancy pants Pathfinder, with its nice paint, and insulting 'GO DAWGS' stickers! HE THOUGHT I WAS SOME KIND OF BUM in my unlovable brick-shaped can with the Auburn tag on the front bumper!


Well, let me tell you THIS, Mister Better than Me! I don't NEED your charity, and your mean-spirited canine-related collegiate taunting, and your free McSkillet Breakfast Burrito Combo with large Diet Coke! I've GOT my pride, y'know!

Pretty soon, once my bailout check arrives, I'll be a BILLIONAIRE!! That's right, billion with a B!-illionaire! And when that happens, I'll show you ALL who's who and what's what!

Of course, I suppose I'll have to go with some kind of Plan B now that I won't be buying any Illinois Senate seats, but MARK MY WORDS, you'll no longer look down your noses at me!

Then again, maybe he does have a Volvo. In which case, never mind all that other stuff, and thanks! Or as they say in Sweden, "thanx!"

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at December 10, 2008 12:51 PM

Sigh. I miss the days when you were regularly blogging or not blogging or whatever. Those were the days. Then we all had to go and get busy or something.

Posted by: Jordana at December 10, 2008 05:03 PM

I blame global warming. But maybe once I get my bailout money, I'll be able to go back to blogging non-stop.

Stupid global warming.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at December 10, 2008 05:15 PM

Say - didn't Al Gore invent Global Warming?

Posted by: skinnydan at December 11, 2008 10:47 PM

Poor uninformed, ignorant Sillydan--how soon we forget!

Don't you remember it was Karl Rove, using the top secret weather-changing machine developed by Halliburton and Exxon that they attempted to use to wipe out undesirables from the population? It was in all the papers, you know.

Had it not been for Albert Gore's tireless crusade to expose this (and Manbearpig) to the world, we would today be completely underwater from melting polar ice caps. Remember Waterworld with Kevin Costner? It would have been just like that, maybe with a little bit of The Postman thrown in, and possibly some of My Bodyguard, like the part where he's carrying Whitney Houston.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at December 12, 2008 09:16 AM

The grand tour of bad Kevin Costner movies could probably continue longer if you had the stomach to suggest anything else.

And Al's looking like a man who ate both a bear and a pig.

Posted by: skinnydan at December 15, 2008 08:38 AM

How in the world can someone be so disrespectful to both Al Gore AND Kevin Costner AND Manbearpig!?

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at December 15, 2008 12:20 PM


Posted by: skinnydan at December 16, 2008 08:17 AM