January 16, 2007


Up early Sunday, get dressed, eat breakfast, get to church, have class, worship, then stay afterwards for a study session the kids were having for Bible Bowl, which was scheduled for later on in the afternoon. They studied, I went and got a "news"paper to read to pass the time, then it was off to lovely Pell City for the afternoon's activities.

We've gotten down to only having two upper grade teams (there's always been a gap in the number of kids in the second to seventh grade--plenty of older ones, lots of babies, but not many in that middle age group) and there were a couple of congregations that brought four senior teams apiece. But, we still managed to come in second, which is pretty good, all things considered.

Back home then, then back to church, then a stop for some supper, then home, where I finished missing the first two hours of the Jack Bauer Show.

Then, on MONDAY!

A holiday for the kids and me, although I still had to function as the alarm clock to ensure Miss Reba got up and went to work. I lazed around until the phone woke me up at 8, then decided to get up and get with it for the day. Which was spent finishing the rest of the laundry that didn't get done Saturday and Sunday, putting away stuff out of the dishwasher, playing with the cat, and trying to figure out what's wrong with the Focus. It runs fine, then in about ten minutes of road driving, starts missing. Which says to me it's still got fuel issues. But it runs fine on the driveway. ::sigh:: It's almost enough to make me want to get another car. But that requires money.

Various other stuff throughout the day, appointments to be kept, errands to be run, Boy to his Scout meeting, Oldest to play rehearsal (yet another one), but by golly, I actually got to see most of the second two hours of the Jack Bauer Show!

Update to follow...

Posted by Terry Oglesby at January 16, 2007 10:37 AM

Maybe bad coils on that Focus? They can heat up and get intermittent.

I'm sure glad you can keep up with Jack. Me, I saw the very first episode or two, then tipped over and I haven't caught up since.

Posted by: Nate at January 16, 2007 11:39 AM

Hmm--that's a good thought. It has close to a hundred thou on the odometer, so that could be it. I wonder, though, because it DOES run better with the new pump. It could be dirt or water down in there. I should have pumped it completely dry and cleaned it out. A new set of coils couldn't hurt, though.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at January 16, 2007 12:35 PM