August 04, 2006

Why, no, now that you mention it...

...I HAVEN'T had much to say today.

I'm not that work-busy today, and the computers are humming along just fine, and my fingers all work, but I just can't get the necessary oomph to post anything substantive.

ALTHOUGH, I did just get off the phone with my mom, who will be turning 77 this month. A fine faithful woman, yet with a crusty streak of saltiness about her. I figure she's earned the right to it. Anyway, she was describing a woman she knows--and one for whom she has a deep disdain--who had been afflicted with a severe bout of looseness of the guts. Or, as dear Mom put it--"the ol' biddy has had to go so much she's sh't higher than a ten-rail fence."

Hadn't heard that one in a while, and I must confess I had to chuckle when she let it fly.

My mom is something else.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at August 4, 2006 03:16 PM