January 06, 2006

On the other hand...

...municipal government DOES seem to attract more than its share of persons with the cognitive abilities of planarians.

A discussion of toilet habits follows. Readers discretion is advised.

I usually use the restrooms here when I only have to stand. Sitting down? I'd rather not, but on those rare occasions, I try to find a stall that still has blue water and the seat up. I figure no one else has been on it yet, you know. But still, sometimes you can't find a treasure like that, and so you just have to do what you have to do. [Heh--"do"]

Now, we have those tissue seat cover things, but I've never been that fond of them, and given what it takes to actually catch something, as long as the seat doesn't have a weird crust or film on it, I'll go ahead and sit down on it without paper.

But [heh--"but"] I realize some people still like having the paper on there. That's why someone in our department insisted they hang up those dispensers with the ring-shaped tissue in every single toilet, public or private, everywhere in the building Fine. Whatever.

HOWever, I just walked into the can just now, and despite the fact that there are TWO packs of ring-shaped tissues out in plain sight, someone had taken it upon himself to cover one of the seats with about twelve layers of regular toilet paper.

Yes, that's right--and he LEFT IT THERE.

What kind of moron is so paranoid about getting cooties on his butt (that can only have come from the people he already works with), yet is so patently dismissive of OTHER PEOPLE'S hygiene concerns that he leaves his OWN buttaminated paper on the toilet seat!?

Stupid bureaucrat.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at January 6, 2006 02:54 PM