May 20, 2005

Deliberations. Of a sort.

Hmm. I can see a train wreck coming. Article from today's Birmingham News on the ongoing deliberations in the governmental persecution of well-known black televangelist and civil rights champion [/sarcasm] Richard Scrushy--

[..] Jurors began their deliberations Thursday and almost immediately sent the judge a note asking to hear the digital recordings made by the FBI.

In another note Friday, they asked for clarification of a key conspiracy charge against Scrushy, and asked: "If we can not decide unanimously one way or another, what happens."

Deliberations could be lengthy based on the 37-page form jurors must complete to decide the initial 36 counts against Scrushy. The first charge alone, a key conspiracy count, requires jurors to answer 52 separate questions. [...]

Well, maybe they just wanted some clarification. After all, they've only been going at this a day,

But reading between the lines, it seems they might have taken a preliminary shot at a vote on the conspiracy charge and there wasn't a unanimous decision. Probably there's enough people who didn't vote for it, but who still think Tricky Dick nonetheless might have done something on the shady side, and they want to know if they don't get him on this one, can they still maybe slap him on the wrist for something else.

Again, I just hope they understand there's a big gulf between "THEY AIN'T GOT NUTHIN' ON ME!" and innocence.

I will say it was awfully entertaining to see the Dickie Bird in full song outside the courthouse yesterday, full of righteous indignation and fury and spittle. It was a performance that would have been something to see in open court, that's for sure. Shame he didn't feel the need until now.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at May 20, 2005 12:12 PM