May 05, 2005


I may have to get a couple of these.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at May 5, 2005 10:20 AM

Moose? Do those live in Sweden?

I could see perhaps a prancing elk or reindeer. Those are indigenous but perhaps not quite as whimsical.

Posted by: El at May 5, 2005 10:43 AM

Oh, man, are moose Swedish or WHAT!

From this site:

"The moose. Having come as close to a symbol of Swedish nature as possible, the King of the Swedish forest; the moose (Moose) deserves an extra presentation. The moose is common all over Sweden, except for on Gotland and the in very north. It is the largest deer animal in the world, 2 metres in height and weighing up to 400-500 kilograms. The Swedish moose is a close relative to the North American, but usually does not reach quite the same size. But Sweden has a very large population with about 100,000 moose shot during hunting every year. The total population is around 250,000 which makes Sweden the country with the highest density in the world. Naturally, visitors have a very good chance seeing one in the wild, and some areas in Sweden have guided tours for visitors interested in meeting the King of the Forest where the Halle-Hunneberg area is the most recognised.

The fact that the moose is very common and also a very large animal is also a great security problem on the Swedish roads. Warning signs are put up along extra frequent crossovers and, fences protect the main highways."

Of course, moose are not that common in the Trussville-Birmingham corridor...

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at May 5, 2005 10:49 AM

I stand duely (and extensively) corrected.

Posted by: El at May 5, 2005 11:56 AM

I tell you, them Swedes love their large, slow-witted ungulates.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at May 5, 2005 01:01 PM

Look a MOOSE!

Posted by: Sarah G. at May 5, 2005 07:04 PM

Kolla! En älg!

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at May 6, 2005 08:21 AM