April 19, 2005

Testing, once more.

I mentioned yesterday about not realizing I had a bandwidth limit for the free account(s) I have on Photobucket, and fellow Munuvian and all-around helpful person Miss Jordana asked why I didn't just upload the images to the mu.nu servers.


I suppose because I was so beat down by three years of Blogspot servitude, that I didn't realize I could have a blog that would actually work like that.

SO, I asked how to accomplish this amazing feat, and Jordana promptly wrote me back with all the details on how to best satisfy our robot overlords.

Let's see how it works...

Chet says "Hey!"

chet in snappy hat.jpg

Slick--I like this!

UPDATE--Let's try this and see what happens:

Emme says "Hey!"


The only thing is that sometimes I do go back and post older pictures, and I doubt that I will ever remember all the HTML for the popups and such like. Oh well. Still better to be able to have some control over the pictures, and no suddenly defunct ones.

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April 04, 2005

Just a test, and nothing more.

Just trying to see what works and what doesn't.

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