July 25, 2008

Okay, don't get used to this.

9:05 a.m.

Anyway, we'll see how this works out, but if it even for a moment starts to interfere with doing laundry or watching my shows, well, that'll be it! And no, this does not constitute a return to blogging. I quit, and I meant it. Mostly. Or not.

SO, Reba was out at 6 this morning. The state inspection folks walked in yesterday, and so she's having to go in early and stay late, which is tiresome. And it meant that even if I did have a day off, I still couldn't sleep late.

Dozed back off, then got up and got Jonathan up so he could go to band camp. This week is 8-noon, next week is all day. Heh.

Next thing on the agenda for later on in the day is taking the pets to the vet--AGGGHHHHH!! Rebecca had made the appointment (so we could get the employee discount) and made it for noon, and I didn't think about it until this morning, so after I got back from delivering Boy to the high school, had to call and reschedule the visit. So, 40 minutes from now, it'll be time to wrangle the pooch and kitty into the Volvo and go see if anything ails them.

Random thoughts: 1. Has anyone else noticed that the newest trend in men's hairstyles (that being the sort of product-laden short spiky-do that is gathered up in the center of the head liken unto Ed Grimley), has now made the jump to old guys? Several of the local teevee reporters/meteorologists/anchors have taken on this silly-looking new style. Or the alternative one, that looks like when Goober decided to become a swinging bachelor on the Andy Griffith Show and got some sort of weird Julius Caesar hair-do. Sorry, but it just looks stupid. And not just stupid on old guys, either.

2. I don't really give a fat rat's patootie if Europe would overwhelmingly vote for Obama. There is a reason we declared independence, and Europe has done nothing in intervening years to convince me that we made a bad decision. I have a deep and abiding mistrust of any American politician who craves the adulation of foreigners more than that of their fellow citizens.

Okay, I'm going to the animal doctor.

10:27 a.m.

Not bad at all--both Lightning and Patches were pronounced to be in excellent health, got their shots, and thanks to Rebecca being on staff, we got a healthy 50% discount. Which is nice, seeing as how this past Monday the Focus suffered yet another broken brake line, causing it to spew brake fluid from here to yonder, and necessitating the scheduling of yet another trip to the shop for a wallet extraction. ::sigh:: I sure wish I was independently wealthy.

Now, to get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, then to the bank so Rebecca can deposit her paycheck (she's so danged flush that she just bought herself a new LG Dare and agreed to pay the extra part of the phone bill for it) and then we'll go get Boy from band, and then we'll start on getting the clothes downstairs and separated.

Random thoughts:

1. I cannot tolerate the Rachael Ray show unless the sound is off.

2. Bob Barker was apparently not a very nice person in real life if the Internet is to be believed, but good grief, I cannot stand The Price is Right with Drew Carey as the host. Is there any way to reanimate Bob and wheel him around on stage? Or maybe get Bill Clinton to do it. Now THAT would be a show!

3. I am very tired of the local news media promoting their websites as a place where you can "start your own blog," or "blog your thoughts on our story." Most of these sites are nothing more than message boards. And leaving a single comment on a story someone else wrote about is not writing a blog. Then again, there's probably not a better way of illustrating how inept and out of touch traditional media is than to watch them continue to grapple with the phenomenon of independent citizen-journalists. It's not like it's new now, and yet it still seems like a mystery to most of the old-style print and broadcast folks. Then again, the difference between reporting your own opinion and reporting the facts seems to have eluded them, as well.

Anyway. Time to separate the clothes. Go to the bank.

2:20 p.m.

Bank, school, home, lunch (ham and cheese quesadillas!), clothes taken to the laundry room and picked apart, first load started (unmentionables!), Judge Joe Brown on the teevee, and boy would I like to have a nap right about now.

Random thoughts:

1. I wonder why none of the judge shows on the teevee have bleeding heart liberals? Probably for the same reason that liberal talk radio has such a tiny audience.

2. Speaking of TV judge shows, The Hon. Lynn Toler is really hot.

3. Lobsters.

Annnnnd, 6:25 p.m.

Still no sign of Reba, although I did get a call saying that it's going to be a while longer still before she's home. Supper's on, clothes being washed and folded, second load of dishes being washed, the hummingbirds are hitting the feeder, and stuff such as that. And thus ends the blogging portion of my off-day. Well, that is, if I still blogged. Which I don't.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at July 25, 2008 10:48 AM

It's a shame you can't get Chester out of retirement to take over laundry chores. I'm guessing he took the Winnebago to Biloxi but ran out of gas halfway there and is panhandling for gas money.

In reverse:
3. The old news sources are losing market share and are clinging to any straw they can grasp to regain an audience. This "blog" ploy is directed to the older luddite crowd who think they are really "blogging" when they put up a comment.
2. Slick Willie on The Price is Right? Hee-yuck! Wonder if there'd be any sexual harassment suits after the first week? I'd like to see Sen. Hilly as one of the models draped over a car or fishing boat.
1. Rachel Ray ... yummo! I don't know about her daytime show, but when I was able to watch her "30 Minute Mammon" show the cameraman would always pan up whenever she turned her back to the camera, keeping the view above the beltline. Ah well, we wouldn't have EVOO without her.
2. I'm still trying to figure out how 200K Germans would be interested in what a first term US senator had to say. We're starting to get TV commercials on Barry's "extensive" foreign policy experience. Uh huh. He doesn't even sit in on his own Senate committee for Foreign Affairs.

1. I blame Ryan Seacrest and Sanjaya for this hair-don't trend. Hopefully it will be one of those things that date this period when we're watching shows 20 years from now (along with people "crying" about $4 gas).

NOW, have you tried to fix brakes on your own in the past? It's a dirty-thankless job, and very difficult unless you have a lift. It's something I won't try anymore, as I'd rather have someone who knows what they're doing to bleed the brakes.

Posted by: Marc V at July 25, 2008 11:43 AM

Chet the E-Mail Boy/Corn Flake Magnate is now independently wealthy, and will no longer return my calls.

Brake line replacement? No, not done that, and don't want to. Don't have a bleeder, don't have flare nut wrenches, and don't have wrists with extra joints in them. The Focus' lines are way up and hidden underneath unmoveable things.

As for Germans, who knows? They also had a fondness for a certain Austrian paperhanger.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at July 25, 2008 12:47 PM

So how is that day off working out for you?

Posted by: jimj at July 25, 2008 02:59 PM

Eh. I like not having to drive to work for a day, and not having to get all nice and purty and clean-shaven. However, after checking my work e-mail just now, I find out that the rest of the world is still working and tearing up things and sending me e-mails about it as if I'm still in the office. It would be easier if everyone else took Fridays off, too. Or would at least calm down just a tad.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at July 25, 2008 03:11 PM

Perhaps we will get one of those French 32 hour work weeks when the dems get in office. BTW did you ever notice that those pushing for a shorter work week always expect everything to stil be open while they're off?

Posted by: jimj at July 25, 2008 03:19 PM

And a rainbow unicorn in every pot! And magical cake that you can have and eat, too!

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at July 25, 2008 06:24 PM