July 23, 2007

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

[...] raised exclusively for rich folk to kill and eat.

Mmmmmm--Wow, that's terrific bass!

Posted by Terry Oglesby at July 23, 2007 12:43 PM

I have no probs w/the rich getting things 1st. Foods farmed yielding X (ie: just for the rich) will w/only a marginal increase in capitol treble to sextuple yield thereby making the item much more available to a wider market. Gee, funny how unfettered markets work... in'nt?

Posted by: Chef Tony at July 23, 2007 10:06 PM

It is funny--and funny how certain sorts don't like the way free enterprise works, unless it's directly benefiting them. I don't mind rich people having the means to farm their own Chilean sea bass, but for the love of all that's good, quit using the fact that someone else (who doesn't share your politics) is wealthy as a way to make them out to be evil.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at July 24, 2007 07:48 AM