July 10, 2007

I blame the chicken stir-fry.

Or possibly global warming. But last night I dreamed I had grown great huge Ambrose Burnside-grade sideburns.

I'm not sure why I would have a dream like that, although I did watch several episodes of the Ken Burns/PBS Civil War series over the weekend, and I was reminded once more that guys back then had some awfully strange ideas about what constituted tonsorial attractiveness.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at July 10, 2007 09:27 AM

I *loved* that series - if the DVDs weren't so darn expensive, I would have run out and bought them.

The facial hair was rather...interesting. But we have no real grounds to poke fun; sideburns almost as big were "in" in the early 70's. The number of fashion disaster trends just in our lifetimes is incredible.

Posted by: Diane at July 10, 2007 10:21 AM

Were you also, in your dream, sitting in your underwear in a classroom, experiencing a panic attack as a test was being handed out for which you had not studied? Yeah, me neither.

[I'm assuming the sideburns were silver-grey straight-haired ones.]

Posted by: Marc V at July 10, 2007 10:22 AM

Diane, that's what they made VCRs for! I taped it back when, although I'm not sure where they are now. Interesting aside, we used the opening bars of "Ashokan Farewell" arranged for piano as part of the music in mine and Reba's wedding. (The part where the preacher and best man and groom walk in.) I also seem to recall seeing a Time/LIFE commercial for the complete Elvis Presley collection on DVD (including his ultra-hip, ultra-muttonchopped 1968 Vegas show), so that might have had something to do with it, too.

Marc, I don't remember anything about the surroundings, other than I was completely baffled by the rich luxurious mounds of fur on my face.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at July 10, 2007 10:47 AM