July 06, 2007

Laughter is the Best Medicine

SO, it comes to us that our beloved Terra is sick, according to a widely diverse group of celebrities and politicians.

Fear not, though, for as we all know from reading Reader's Digest, "Laughter is the Best Medicine"--although probably not for things such as cancer and gunshot wounds--but be that as it may, I believe that tomorrow's Live Earth concerts are only a portion of the help our sick planet needs.

It also need laughter.

Therefore, I propose than in partnership with Live Earth, we conduct a companion presentation which shall be called Live Mirth, which will consist of people who aren't willing to attend one of the many concerts sitting around and making fun of the people who do.

As Mr. Blair notes, there's no way we can ever overcome the massive amount of (absolutely necessary!) waste and pillage caused by these concerts, so we must do the next best thing and use them and the attendees as valuable sources of renewable humor. Let's not let this valuable opportunity for healing Mother Earth pass us by!

We thank you for your support. Support of Live Mirth of a monetary nature should be sent directly to me.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at July 6, 2007 02:53 PM

ain't got no monetary, so for the laughter I'll make with a joke... The drunk got on the plane and sat down beside a woman with a new born baby. The drunk looked over at the baby and then proceeded to thell the young mother, "Mam, (hic) I don't know much about babies, but I do believe that you have the ugliest baby I ever did see." The mother started squallin' and blubberin' and the stewardess came to investigate... "This man is the most revolting and disgusting thing I have ever met... He has insulted me beyond repair." The stewardess quickly moved the drunk to another seat and came back to the crying woman, "Here, here, honey... I moved the mean old man, now take these two pillows and relax and I will go get you a nice cold drink... and I will bring a bag of peanuts for your little monkey too."

Posted by: Oscar at July 8, 2007 12:56 AM

Thank you, Oscar--it does my heart good to see such a commitment to the environment!

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at July 9, 2007 08:27 AM

Well, we celebrated Live Earth by f1ying to Cancun on the 7th (I sent Terry a picture).

[found out that "f1ying to" is "questionable content" ??]

Posted by: steevil (Dr Weevil's bro Steve) at July 16, 2007 06:58 AM

Yes, and next time, please warn me when you send photos of yourself in a coconut bra and wearing a flamingo on your head!

(Just kidding! That wasn't a flamingo.)

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at July 16, 2007 07:55 AM