June 07, 2007


Finally, someone has taken my idea of how to deal with miscreants.

Feisty Ga. family subdues home intruder

HINESVILLE, Ga. (AP) A robbery suspect was rescued by officers after his intended victims disarmed him, beat him with a metal broomstick and were about to whack him with a shovel, authorities said.

Police officers who were summoned to the home late Tuesday said they found the suspect, identified as Darrel Rolle, 27, lying on the living-room floor as Wu Ni's family held him down.

"He was so exhausted, we had to help him walk to the patrol car," Sheriff's Deputy Brian Barnes said.

Poor little thing. Even worse is that an hour later he was hungry for another butt-whupping.

Ni, a restaurant cook, told officers that he, his wife, his parents and other family members were returning to the home when he was confronted in the master bedroom by a man pointing a gun and shouting, "Give me the money!"

Ni said the man forced him to his knees and was taking cash from another family member when Ni grabbed his arm and took the gun away.

But that was just the start of the melee. According to the police report, Ni's parents and a cousin jumped on Rolle, and the combatants moved to the living room, where Ni's wife, Rong Lin, pummeled Rolle with a metal broomstick.

Rong his bell, so to speak...

When the broomstick bent, Rong Lin got a shovel from the backyard, but Barnes and a second officer arrived before Rolle could get hit with the shovel, authorities said.

"When we walked into the living room, the family let Rolle go," Barnes said. "We were able to cuff him without incident."

I'm certain he was quite ready to be arrested.

Oh, and here's something:

The gun turned out to be a pellet gun, police said.

Rock crush scissor. Paper cover rock. Scissor cut paper. And a real shovel beats fake gun.

Rolle was treated at a hospital for scratches and a bite on his ear and then taken to jail. He was charged with armed robbery, burglary and battery. Wu Ni was treated at the scene for cuts and a bite on his arm.

Hinesville police could not say Thursday whether Rolle had an attorney.

Somehow, I can almost guarantee you there'll be some sort of ambulance-chaser who'll sign on to try to rip these folks off for defending themselves.

I bet you it won't be someone from Hinesville, Georgia, though.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at June 7, 2007 11:05 AM