May 08, 2007

There are still men in France.

It's been a while since The Dissident Frogman has posted, but I figured if anyone had a good line on what the recent French elections would mean to regular folks like you and me, it would be him.

Bloggers over on this side of the ditch (at least the ones who enjoy 4th of July parades in a non-mockingly ironic way) seem to be relatively welcoming of the Sarkozy victory, cautiously optimistic that he seems to be willing to not hate America with as much passion as those further to his left might.


Not quite so sanguine. After speaking of never exercising his franchise, this:

[...] elections in France are eerily similar to those in the Soviet Union: no matter the outcome, a Socialist gets elected.

This one being no different than before, I frankly couldn't be bothered.

However, the spectacle of the (official) Socialist candidate during the big circus debate between the two finalists, and the possibility that she might be elected, was enough to actually convince me to go and vote against her today.

Make no mistake: I have absolutely no consideration for her opponent. I made my mind on Sarkozy a long time ago. Things like this helped me to get the picture. That, and - for instance - his willingness to confiscate guns from their legal and registered owners while letting the jihadist rampage freely during the two weeks of nationwide riots (the 2005 Allah Akbar Tour), or his big push on speed cameras (and fines) assorted with a strategic deployment of police forces to hunt down the vicious honest citizen whenever and wherever he commits the heinous crime of driving his car, in order to give some breathing space to the various victims of society in the Gaza-on-the-Seine strip, so these downtrodden sons and grandsons of immigrants (AKA Fully French Folks) could carry on with gang raping any broad guilty of being white in the aptly named (as far as the police is concerned) "no-go zones".

All the while talking his way up to his biggest PR hoax: that of appearing as a zero-tolerance Law and Order hero.

Sarkozy is all talk, no walk. Or worse: talk, but walk the other way. A politician as cunning and deceitful as Chirac, only younger. [...]

Ouch. And to wrap it all up, this:

[...] From what I've seen of the new European demagogue tonight, I'm afraid I can echo [CIA] Director Hayden's warning, [linked here] and advise my American friends to please NOT assume that the late French approach to America was the product of just one administration or just the former president.

Don’t throw away that “F the French” tee-shirt just yet.

If only there were more like him.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at May 8, 2007 02:24 PM