March 08, 2007

To sleep, perchance to answer a blog quiz...

That's right, fans, it's Thursday, and that can only mean one of several million things, but in this particular case we're talkin' The Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, America's Most Restful Diversion!

As you recall from last week, if you recall, I thought I might still be a ward of the courts and so the call went out for hosting volunteers. I received no one willing to demean themselves quite THAT far, but one intrepid soul did send along a nice set of questions that we'll get to in just a moment.

As always, we invite you to play along by either answering the questions in the comment section below or by leaving a link to your own blog. Anyone can play, assuming you can read and write in English, or failing that, Alabamanese.

SO THEN, on with the show--

In honor of losing an hour of sleep this weekend, I [meaning Jim] propose The Wonderful Night's Sleep Thursday Three:

1. Do you sleep on a feather pillow or foam?

2. Do you like a firm or soft mattress—or other if you're an old hippie?

3. Do you keep it cold and sleep under lots of cover, or hot and only a sheet?

There you go now--slip on your flannel jammies or that naughty scrap of silk that I like so much and go figure your responses.

As for my answers:

1. Feather AND foam. We have four regular-sized feather pillows (two of which are made from the feathers of Reba's late grandmother's ducks) and then Reba also has one long body pillow that's full of foam. I like the feather pillows for sound absorption when I have to resort to covering my head up with them to keep the noise and light out on weekend mornings, but there are some foam pillows I've used before that I really like better because they're lighter and don't moosh down so much.

2. Firm.

3. I like it coldish. I like having a bundle of covers close by in case it gets too cold, but I mostly stay sweaty hot even in winter, so I'm usually in a tee shirt and shorts and on top of all the pile of covers. Reba, on the other hand, can't seem to get warm enough, even with an electric blanket on top of her and me (Mr. Furnace) beside her. That is, until she DOES get too hot, and then suddenly I'm awakened by a whumping pile of bedcovers that comes flying over on top of me.

So there you go.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at March 8, 2007 08:00 AM

1. Feathers and foam. We both have a firm foam pillow. Lyman has a king-sized goose down pillow on top of that. I have a small grandma-sourced chicken feather pillow that wedges between the headboard and mattress behind the foam, and a regular down pillow that I can punch into shape for reading in front of that. But I sleep on the down.

2. Very firm.

3. Medium. We sleep underneath a sheet and a light comforter.

Posted by: Janis Gore at March 8, 2007 08:28 AM

1. Also both, since after my various surgeries I'm supposed to keep my head elevated. The feather pillow (also grandma sourced) is on top.

2. Soft, but Miss Kathie doesn't agree.

3. Cold, with several blankets, mostly because I'm a cheapskate. At last count, our circa 1930 house has 27 opening windows and 5 doors to the outside, so I suspect I couldn't keep it at 70 deg if I wanted to.

Posted by: steevil (Dr Weevil's bro Steve) at March 8, 2007 08:35 AM

Twenty-seven windows? That's a decorator's dream.

Posted by: Janis Gore at March 8, 2007 08:49 AM

YAWN. I stayed awake long enough to play.

Posted by: Diane at March 8, 2007 08:58 AM

here goes--
I’m sleepy now
But the Three must go on.

1. Like a feather pillow—mainly because they can shape shift. I ball them up into any shape and size I need.
2. Not as firm as the hard hard ground but close—I hate a really soft mattress; on last week’s trip the hotel had some sort of soft pillow top—I felt trapped.
3. Cold with lots of quilts/comforters/blankets.

i'm up at my place but new blog this doesn't cut and paste well with others.

Posted by: jim at March 8, 2007 09:14 AM

Trapped is a good word, Jim. Soft mattresses and those body-modeling foam things give me the willies. I'd sleep on the floor first.

Posted by: Janis Gore at March 8, 2007 09:18 AM

I'm in too

Posted by: skinnydan at March 8, 2007 09:28 AM

Janis, I agree. We have a couch that’s very soft. My wife and son love it but if I fall asleep I wake up with nightmares that I'm being buried alive or sinking in quicksand. Creepy.

Posted by: jim at March 8, 2007 09:41 AM


Not only the opening windows, but when we had the aluminum siding removed, we found a bunch of fixed non-opening windows that had been covered up (on the inside too, we haven't removed that stuff yet). I think non-opening windows are called 'lights,' but Terry would know for sure.

Posted by: steevil (Dr Weevil's bro Steve) at March 8, 2007 09:45 AM

I just call 'em fixed windows.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at March 8, 2007 09:47 AM

So, Steevil, are you renovating a 1930's two-story house?

Posted by: Janis Gore at March 8, 2007 10:03 AM

1. Feather or foam? One of each actually. The foam one is too soft but it elevates the feather one to the right height.

2. Soft or firm mattress? Firm please. Not "sleeping on a slab" firm but none of that sinking in feeling either.

3. Hot-cold, blankets or no? Pile the blankets on me, thanks. I like the feeling of the weight of a blanket or two and a comforter on me, even in the summer. Unless its really hot, then I can get by with just a sheet to start out at bedtime. When it cools off, I'm usually too lazy to wake up enough to pull up the covers, so if the BSU doesn't do it, I just shiver until morning.

Posted by: Nate at March 8, 2007 10:45 AM

I'm up, but not much longer if I have a choice.


Posted by: Sarah G. at March 8, 2007 11:47 AM

1) Foam. I guess I'm too cheap for a feather pillow.

2) I REALLY like a soft mattress. For some reason I get "cricks" on very firm mattresses, and I have absolutely no such problems on soft mattresses.

3) The more blankets, the better for me. I like the weight of them, like some of you other Possumblog readers. Oddly the temperature does not bother me a lot. I probably like hot a bit better than cold, though.

Posted by: Stan at March 8, 2007 12:09 PM


Well, most of the renovations involve undoing changes made in the 1960s.

Sarah G.

Speaking as a former mover, the hide-a-bed is an invention of the devil. However, we do have one, and it's the most comfortable bed in the house, but only if you don't unfold it.

Posted by: steevil (Dr Weevil's bro Steve) at March 8, 2007 12:40 PM

Steevil's got me beat. The purple house only has 17 windows and three exterior doors.

As for the other questions:

1. Feathers for the main pillow, but I like to have a throw pillow under my head too and those are usually foam.

2. Medium firm.

3. If were up to me, I'd sleep under a down comforter all year round, although my portable space heater that snores does keep the bed fairly warm.

Posted by: Jordana at March 8, 2007 03:25 PM

I'm not going to mention anything about snoring. Other than I'm not the only one, and not the loudest one in the house.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at March 8, 2007 03:28 PM