February 27, 2007

Speaking as we were of dear Uncle Albert...

...this particularly telling bit from Dr. Reynold's site, in which we lesser beings are basically told by the author to shut up with all of our hypocrisy-mongering, because the natural order of things is that there are some people who by Divine right or birthright or simple treachery should be at the top of the heap, and shouldn't have to actually live the way they say we should.

"Two Americas," indeed!

In any event, the point Dr. "Blended Puppies For Me But Not For Thee" makes in his rebuttal is the same one I made earlier in the comments on the subject--religious leaders (and let's not quibble--the whole climate change matrix is becoming increasingly religious in word and deed, and Albert is rapidly ascending within its college of cardinals with the skill of a Borgia) who don't practice what they preach are always going to wind up damaging both their own credibility and that of their religion. This is especially pronounced when the scripture calls for all to take a vow of poverty, while the leadership is allowed to luxuriate, free of feeling tied to such pronouncements, due simply to their wealth or power or position.

There is nothing wrong with having money.

There is nothing wrong with spending it on what you want to spend it on.

But let's not pretend that your need for it is of greater importance than my need for it.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at February 27, 2007 01:27 PM