February 23, 2007

Hey, Y'all!

As I do every so often, here's where some of Possumblog's readers come from.

Birmingham, Alabama (well, duh)
Linden, North Carolina
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Taipei, Taiwan
Glen Echo, Maryland
Savannah, Georgia
Pensacola, Florida
Edmonton, Redbridge, UK
Columbus, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Rye, New York
Miami, Florida
Longmont, Colorado
Richmond, Virginia
Tacoma, Washington
Huntsville, Alabama
Victoria, British Columbia
Findlay, Ohio
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Quincy, Massachusetts
Waleska, Georgia
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Sioux City, Iowa
San Jose, California
Jakarta, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Chicago, Illinois
Shiraz, Fars, Iran
Plano, Texas
Shreveport, Louisiana
Dearborn, Michigan
Smithsburg, Maryland
Dakar, Singapore
Jacksonville, Florida
Indianapolis, Indiana
Beijing, China
Fremont, California
Madrid, Spain
Toms River, New Jersey
Ashtabula, Ohio
Dallas, Texas
Frankfort, Kentucky
Howell, New Jersey
Winthrop Harbor, Illinois
Herald, California
Porto, Portugal
Tehran, Iran
Memphis, Tennessee
Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
Bucharest, Romania
Boston, Massachusetts
Capel Saint Mary, Suffolk, UK
Rancho Mirage, California
Citrus Heights, California
Grantham, Pennsylvania
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Bombay, Maharashtra, India
Fort Worth, Texas

Thanks for dropping by, everyone!

Posted by Terry Oglesby at February 23, 2007 01:29 PM

Findlay would be me.

Are the mad mullahs monitoring the Possum Papa? Maybe they're looking for those not-so-direct diplomacy tips.

Posted by: Marc V at February 23, 2007 01:54 PM

I don't know who in Tehran is reading, but I'm glad to know someone is.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at February 23, 2007 01:58 PM

Dakar, Singapore? I never saw a neighborhood in Singapore called that. I guess the most famous Dakar would be in Senegal on the west coast of Africa. Anyway I like both Singapore and Bali a whole bunch. IMO some of the bestist vanilla in the world comes from Bali. Not to mention the great food, dance, very pretty women, unique music, wonderful women and lots more. Oh I need to mention that the girls in Bali and Singapore are wonderful! :-)

Posted by: Chef Tony at February 23, 2007 03:57 PM

I thought it was weird, too, but that's what the ol' Sitemeter coughed up:

Continent : Asia
Country : Singapore
State/Region : Dakar
City : Singapore
Lat/Long : 1.2931, 103.8558
Distance : 9,924 miles

Go figure. Anyway, Singapore sounds nice. I've heard the wimminfolk are nice, but that might just be something I'm remembering wrong. Dis you by chance have the opportunity to do any research on the subject?

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at February 23, 2007 04:35 PM

A Gentleman would never talk about the "wimminfolk" of a country. Thank the FSM I'm not one. Anyway I like'm... A LOT. They, on the other hand run away from me... Do you think it's coz I'm a LSU alum? Goux Tigers!

Posted by: Chef Tony at February 23, 2007 11:20 PM

What ever you do, don't out any of them by "outing" any of them. Every time I tried that, the reader promptly found better places to be.

Posted by: Nate at February 24, 2007 10:11 PM

Better update things - they've decided last I knew that Bombay was now Mumbai. And the Mrs. has relatives up in Rye, but I don't anticipate them being Possumblog readers.

Posted by: skinnydan at February 25, 2007 02:21 PM

I guess that one in Australia must be me, but you've hit me about four suburbs shy.

I hope guided missiles don't work like that.

I mean I hope they do work like that.

Posted by: kitchen hand at February 25, 2007 05:20 PM

Tony, I'm sure it has nothing to do with being an LSU alum. ::snicker::

And Nate, I've given up on trying to get the lurkers to stand up and say hey, but I figure it won't hurt to mention their hometown.

Dan, the Bombay/Mumbai thing seems to be related to whoever the ISP is. I've gotten both spellings before in the Whois report, so I guess it just depends on who filled out their registration paperwork. Go figure.

And Kitchen Hand, I think these are actually NOT you, but other Australioids--these were all from up during the day here, which is the middle of the night tomorrow for you (or something) so you were probably asleep and your neighbors were having insomnia.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at February 26, 2007 08:29 AM

I like living in Tomorrowland. The flying cars are cool. And the dogs are made out of robots.

Posted by: kitchen hand at February 26, 2007 04:58 PM

Bloody show-off.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at February 26, 2007 11:03 PM