October 26, 2010


Nothing else can explain the inexplicable discovery I just discovered that nearly the entire month of October has disappeared. Why, just the other day it was Friday the First, and then I woke up today and found out it's already the St. Bean's Feast Day!

Well, I want all my days back. Whoever you are, just bring them back, leave them on the doorstep, and there'll be no questions asked.

Oh, speaking of thievery, it's also almost Election Day. All of you be sure and go out and exercise your franchise on the 2nd. And remember, as I always say, it's not the stupid people who're the problem, it's the people who think they're smart.

Related to that, there's this guy who has a blog, and of late he's been noting the difference between being truly elite and merely being credentialed. It's worth keeping that in mind when you go about electing people to represent you.

So, anyway, there you go.

A LATE ADDITION, since the subject of stupidity has come up in the comments.

I've been meaning to say this for a while, and I finally remembered it at the same time I had five spare seconds. I know a lot of conservative types can't stand Robert Gibbs, but I think he's proven himself to be unique. Who would ever have believed there was a person alive who could make Scott McClellan look like a genius by comparison? That's high praise, indeed.

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