January 29, 2008


What better way to not blog than by posting pictures! (Aside from not posting pictures.)

A few shots from this year:

First off, PETS!!

Playing the part of Rafiki, Catherine. Playing the part of infant Simba being held up for approval of all the animals of the savannah, a very perturbed Lightning.



Enjoying the sunshine and dreams of chasing rabbits or rawhide bones, it's Patches.



Next up, some of you might be aware that the South was covered in a huge thick blanket of snow a couple of weekends ago. The teevee stations breathlessly dubbed this dangerous band of weather "WINTER STORM '08!" and gave it round-the-clock coverage.

It started about 11 a.m., was over by about 1:30, and left a killing choking layer of frozen precipitation nearly half an inch thick. It all melted by 5:00.

But dangitall, it was SNOW, and the kids have been irritated for several years now that the evil McBushitlerburton weather machine had not produced anything appropriately wintertime-frosty, so they were ecstatic. While it lasted. (Oh, ignore the date stamp--this actually happened on the 19th.)

Anyway, the first snowball:


Boy holds up two rather pitiful competitors in the snowball arms race:


Next, a tiny snowman, his tinier snow-progeny, a tiny snow-dog, and a giant ball of snow, all perched upon the gas grill to represent the growing danger of global warming:


Global warming, though, is trumped by the threat posed by giant extraterrestrial canines transported to earth by a race of earmuff-wearing Amazons:


The front of Casa de Possum, looking almost New England wintry. This was taken about an hour past the height of the blizzard.


The Volvo looks right at home--


I sorta wish it had that layer of snow on it all the time. Helps cover up the faded paint on the upper side. Also, if it had snow on it all the time, I would ride around with this on my back window all the time:


I live for constant positive reinforcement, you know.

In other family news, Miss Reba had herself a birthday! As you can see from the candles on the cake, she's three.


She's actually 48, and danged hot, if I do say so myself.

So, that's it for the family, although there is a dearth of pictures of Oldest, who does not take well to being candidly snapped.

And me? Oh, well, yeah, I guess there's a few shots of your host as well. Acting silly, as usual.

Hey, do you like those little butter mints like they have at baby showers and junk like that? Me too!


What a moron.

Here I am all dressed up acting like a moron:


AND FINALLY, this past Sunday we appointments to have our pictures made at church for the directory. This is what it looks like when I have to wait for something:


Well, there you go.

Back to work now.

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January 16, 2008

Happy, New Year?

Oh, and you just thought that because I'd quit blogging that I'd quit blogging. It's just that I've just been busier than a bee on a beaver attacking a one-armed paper-hanger who's watching a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest on teevee. Yes, THAT busy.

After I got back from the holidays, all my jobs have gotten going and everyone's running around like their hair's on fire, so there's been precious little opportunity to not blog. But I had some lunch minutes, and I did feel compelled to thank you all again for the advice about computers, and to apologize for ignoring it all and helping Middle Girl purchase a Toshiba A215 from Circuit City. It's super spiffy, with several orders of magnitude more hard drive space than my only-a-few-years-old HP Pavilion desktop, and we got ourselves a wireless router so she can hide in many places in the house and surreptitiously read trashy blogs about slow-moving, semi-arboreal pouched North American marsupials. Or do her homework, without being pestered by someone. SO that's nice.

Christmas was very nice, and I got some books and some ties and some shirts and a nice yardwork coat that will go nicely with my overalls and straw hat and perpetual dark stain of tobacky juice running out the corner of my mouth. Christmas is actually STILL nice, seeing as how the tree is still in place and automatically clicking on every evening and rotating and glimmering with its little sparkly lights. Seems a certain wife of mine (I won't name names) decided to start a new scrapbook project during the off-days, and spread huge amounts of paper and books and stickers and scissors and photos right out there in the middle of the floor of the den, which makes disassembling a lovely pre-lit genuine Chinese-made Martha Stewart Christmas tree awfully difficult. It would be easier had she (the unnamed wife) simply cleaned up her leavings once finished for the afternoon, but she has a tendency to create various exclusionary zones of craftwork that MUST NOT BE DISTURBED until she's good and ready to disturb them.

So, the tree's still up. Sorta festive, I must say. As is all the confetti on the floor.

Let's see, what else? I have a cold! It's really not that bad, unless it's really tuberculosis or SARS or bird flu or something and I just don't know how bad it really is. I figure Mucinex and Sucrets and a chaser of Lysol will fix it up pretty well, no matter what it is.

I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but that leaves me something to not blog about sometime later.

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