August 18, 2006


So that I can proclaim myself to be just like all the A-list members of the blogosphere, I take this opportunity to participate in the well-established citizen-journalist tradition of Catblogging Friday, with the able assistance of Lightning, the World's Most Expensive Free Kitten!

Whew. That sure was a long sentence. I need to learn to use more periods.

ANYway, this morning he was in quite a mood. Although he looks all sweet in this picture--

--he was twisting and squirming for all he was worth to get loose.

After letting him down, he did his usual full speed lap around the yard, then came back and began the obstacle course around all the stuff on the patio. Hard to get him to sit still, although this one does give that appearance.

He lunged at the camera immediately after it was taken. After taking out his aggression on the camera (and my hand) he decided to take on the house. I'm sure he thought it must have moved or squeeked or something, which would explain why he felt it necessary to pounce on it and give it a good bite.

Silly kitty.

AND THUS ENDS yet another episode of Pretending to be a Big Time Catblogger!

Posted by Terry Oglesby at August 18, 2006 08:18 AM