August 15, 2006

I saw that!

Military helicopter tested over city

I went to the restroom yesterday afternoon and just as I walked in, I noticed a big chopper swooping over by the Alabama Power parking deck. Not that unusual, since they do have a helipad and occasional arrivals and departures, but what caught my eye was that the helicopter looked not at all like the usual craft, at least with the brief glimpse I got of it through the blinds. "That looked like a Jolly Green Giant," I thought to myself. "Nah. Surely not." When I got on into the restroom, the window was open (of course--I hate it when people won't close the window) but when I looked out, the helicopter had gone on somewhere else and was out of sight.

But, sure enough, it was what I thought. All those years as a kid spent poring over aircraft books were obviously ones well spent. I guess.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at August 15, 2006 12:13 PM

I wonder if they ever fixed the oil leak, you know the one that dribbled hot oil on anyone who was talking to any of the flight crew?

Posted by: Tony von Krag at August 15, 2006 10:42 PM

Yes, it's now been converted to a high-pressure outlet.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at August 16, 2006 08:44 AM