August 09, 2006

As for middle school...

We managed to find a good parking place in the back of the building, which was nice, but had to stand around for several minutes before we could get in the building. There must be some new state regulation requiring a certain amount of sweat and body odor in schools, and they wanted to make sure they hit their quota.

First up, Rebecca and the 8th graders. Got her schedule from the lunch room, no changes. She had really wanted Latin. Maybe next year. On then to her homeroom to get her locker and drop off her supplies, then back out to the hallway to see if the locker worked. It did. And it's a top one, which is nice.

Next stop, the front lobby of the school for Jonathan's schedule. One change in PE teacher, and that was it. Dropped off his supplies, went and got his locker card, made sure it worked, and it did. And it's a top one, too.

THEN back around to see everyone's teachers, although I had to cut it short so I could get back here. I was on a combination lunch hour/comp time hour and I could hear the clock chiming midnight and could see my lovely gown turning back into tatters, so we had to rush out and get the kids dropped back off at Grandmom's house.

Of course, they aren't really kids anymore. This was made quite obvious when we ran into a couple of the girls Rebecca had played soccer with. One in particular I remember from just a couple of years ago--she was the second tiniest player on the team--little stick arms and legs and a mop of baby fine hair on top. Somewhere between then and now she grew up into a model. As tall as me, and with arms and legs that turned from sticks into stems.

Tempus fugit, and all.

Anyway, tomorrow starts a brand new school year. It should be interesting.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at August 9, 2006 03:45 PM