August 07, 2006

And then, Sunday.

Yet another day that went well! Up early, breakfast, church, lunch, and then the first possible snag. Oldest still had that gift card to the Galleria she was desperate to spend. So, it was either go home and do more laundry, or make a run to Hoover to spend money.

Made the run to Hoover.

She found several books, and with the no-tax deal still in place, managed to get them all for her $25 card plus 94 cents of her own money. Back in the car, and to home.

Folded clothes, and decided to watch The Seven Year Itch--it's been on the shelf forever, and just haven't had a chance to see it. Didn't get a chance to finish it, either. It's to the part where the janitor takes Marilyn's tomato plant upstairs for her. What an odd, strained movie. But, you know, I can forgive a lot of odd straining if given sufficient incentive.

Anyway, time to leave early to go to a meeting at church, met, evening worship, home, supper, turn around and go back and pick up Oldest from teen get-together, home again.

All this hauling around of Oldest may be about to end--I intend to take her to take her driving test tomorrow to see if she can get her license. What with there being not enough odd strains in my life up until now.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at August 7, 2006 12:40 PM