August 03, 2006

You know what?

It's rather warm outside.

Just got back from my meeting--well, actually I've been back for about thirty minutes now, and the trip FROM my meeting took about fifteen minutes, so it's been about 45 total minutes since I escaped from the blast furnace that is Woodlawn on an August afternoon, and I am still all nasty and sweaty.

It's a bad idea to wear a tie and long sleeve shirt in this kind of weather. Even if you don't have pants on.

Some thoughts you can use--if you see a building with puffy bits of paint flaking off, you can pretty much bet you've got a water problem. That is, water inside the wall, trying to get out. And that's not a good thing, or a cheap thing to fix.

Second, buildings made of brick look better if they retain some semblence of an actual brick color. Painting a brick building blue, or green, or painting fake shutters on the sides of the windows is not a good thing.

Third, it sure is hot outside.

Fourth, you know those little plastic letter openers people give you with their business cards on them? I always take the cover off and put my own business card inside. I'm sorry about that, but it makes it less likely to walk away from my desk.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at August 3, 2006 12:57 PM