July 24, 2006

To the young lady...

...driving the ambulance which made a left-hand turn from 3rd Avenue, North onto 23rd Street at approximately 11:50 this forenoon, I have a tip.

Despite what you might believe, if you are not on a call and do not have your lights and siren turned on, you're pretty much no different from any other vehicle.

So, when I am attempting to get into the turn lane on 23rd Street to execute a left-hand turn onto 3rd Avenue, North, and have had to come to a complete stop because you are crowding over into my lane--admittedly, with good cause, since someone in a parking space on the curb was pulling out and not watching--it is NOT the preferred method of dealing with the errant parker by stopping dead in my lane, then reaching up and turning on your SIREN to make him stop so YOU could go on your merry way. This is very loud, and frightens me, and makes me think that you INDEED are possibly on a hot run, rather than just trying to get back to the garage so you can show your bepierced, inked, and pock-marked nether regions to your mouth-breathing lummox of a partner. (Of course, there could have been another reason.)

Next time, please be aware that sometimes drivers do not pay attention, and take it upon yourself to drive defensively. If you see a driver pulling away from a curbside parking space, do NOT attempt to squeeze your way past him, then become hostile when you find you do not have the room to make such a maneuver. Simply stop behind him and allow him to exit the space, and possibly chasten him with a very slight sounding of your vehicle's service horn, and nothing more.

Thank you.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at July 24, 2006 01:17 PM

Microsoft and Peter Jackson postpone the making of a film based on the Halo video game after backers pull out...

Posted by: Elliot Pitman at November 22, 2006 05:52 PM