April 27, 2006

You better get it while you can.

The desk, that is.

Last Saturday, Reba set up a pickup time for today with the folks from the thrift store to come out and pick up the mouse-pee-and-teeny-turd-filled sofa, the one that I eventually carried over to the thrift store myself.

But, the pickup call was not cancelled, and this morning she asked me if I was going to put the desk out on the driveway instead, so the truck will have something to get when it comes by.

Being that I was in my nice tie and polyester slacks, I would really have been satisfied just to frustrate the truck with a lack of pickup material, but in the end, I figured it would be easier to move it out the couple of feet required to get it onto the driveway than to try on the upcoming Saturday to load it into the van and take it off myself.

SO, I got out there this morning and exerted myself and got all mussed, but I did get it ready for being sent away, including a nicely hand-scrawled sign with the name of the charity on it, so they wouldn't by mistake take away the van or the house.

Now, if you really were wanting that desk but were just too shy to say it, you need to run over to my house right now before the truck gets there and load it up.

Remember to leave your check for $50,795 under the front door mat.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at April 27, 2006 10:02 AM