April 07, 2006

Dreamy Super 'Lectricity!

Got my new replacement modem yesterday! WOO-HOO! And, actually a bit more than I bargained for--the company had first sent a little kit that had modem, filters, software, and cables with it, but for the replacement I figured they'd just send a modem. Nope--got the same package, so now I have extra filters and cable and a CD. And a new modem.

Hooked it up, turned on the power, power light on. Wait. Wait. DSL SYNCH!!

Hooray for electricity!

After supper, I got back on and figured out quickly that although I had been able to sign on the first night with the old modem before it crapped out, in retrospect (and with the comparison of a new modem) it was obvious even on that first night something was wrong with it. Originally, I kept having problems with staying online, and with accessing the CenturyTel setup page to change my password. Last night, no problems, and I zipped through everything with no problems at all. I even checked my new e-mail (that I won't use--web-based e-mail is a whole lot easier to keep up with) and answered one of the three surveys that they had sent to me asking how my customer service experience had been.

And by the way, as suggested by Mark over at The Conservative Zone, I did a bit of checking yesterday on getting a cable hookup. I had always thought you had to buy cable TV in order to get cable Internet access, but Mark said you didn't, and so I checked out our local provider, Charter, and sure 'nuff, you don't!


Now, I realize the technical superiority of cable when it comes to speed, but for what we use the Internet for at home--simple surfing and occasionally downloading some pictures for class projects and stuff--even the slowest DSL line (I signed up for the 256kbps service) is still way more than we can make fullest use of. We're fortunate to live very close to the switching station (within a half-mile), which I'm sure helps out--if we were further away, I might not be as satisfied.

As for cable, the problem is that although the first three months are $19.99, after that it's 40 bucks a month, and you have to buy your own modem, which, although they are relatively cheap, is still more money out of pocket.

And let's face it--I am a skinflint.

Anyway, it was clicking along nice and quick last night, and so all is bright and fluffy this morning!


Posted by Terry Oglesby at April 7, 2006 07:09 AM

Actually, there is no "technical superiority" to cable - it's the other way around... However, there is a speed superiority to cable - as cable speeds are usually 3MB to 8MB whereas DSL is limited to 1MB to 6MB (if you're lucky).

Posted by: Byron Todd at April 7, 2006 01:21 PM

That's why I qualified "technical superiority" with "when it comes to speed." Due to my lack of tech-braininess, I really don't have an clue about all the intricacies of one versus the other when it comes to anything else, but I do understand cable's quicker.

If I did lot of up or downloading of content, it might make more sense to have that extra speediness. But for how we use the thing, it would be like using an F-16 to go to the grocery store.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at April 7, 2006 01:49 PM