March 17, 2006

What a nice parade!

In years past, I haven’t been quite so charitable to the St. Patty’s parade, which has always seemed to me to be a little lackluster, or something.

This year’s parade was better than I recall from years past, though, and now I could kick myself for not bringing my camera with me today.

But, that’s the breaks.

I went out for lunch and caught the head of the parade just breaking up in front of City Hall--the standard set of convertibles with either pretty girls or pocky old politicians. The Birmingham Irish Cultural Society was set up with a pipe and drum band (I’m almost certain it was these folks, but I will gladly make the correction if not) right at the end of 20th, and the cacophony of cats being strangled was stirring to the soul. Especially, I’m sure, for the Irish wolfhounds who had turned out.

There were more old cars and politicians driving by as I took up my post at the corner of Park Place and 20th (I was the chubby loner by the information kiosk), and then the more interestinger folks started coming by--the requisite curly-mop-haired toe dancers, people with kids on scooters, some Shriners, some cops and firefighters, various Irish pubs, and then something quite extraordinary--a Goth-girl roller derby group known as the Tragic City Rollers, (playing on Birmingham’s motto of “The Magic City”), who were all decked out with a variety of blinding green leggings and panties under their otherwise black ensembles. I realize I shouldn’t--I mean, I have a wonderful wife and family--but I tell you what, sometimes I do wish I were a young single man again.

But not to be outdone, no sooner had they passed than did pull up a float full of women from a local business known as The Furnace. (Sorry--no link on this one--you can use Google just as much as I can.) Anyway, from what I hear, this is a club where, unlike the mechanism on a Coke machine, dollar bills must be folded in half lengthwise before any sorts of refreshments are forthcoming. The girls were modestly dressed in nice tee shirts and shorts (in fact, probably more modestly than some of the onlookers) and were throwing out various caps and foam can cozies to the crowds. Well, to the men in the crowd.

Such a dilemma! I mean, I have tons of gimme caps, and they were FREE, and being thrown everywhere! Do I get one? Nah--somehow, I just don’t think Reba would have appreciated me wearing that particular one around the house or to the store.

Anyway, the girls all seemed as though they were having a wonderful time, and believe it or not, it is possible for them to move in a quite provocative manner to any sort of music, witnessed by the fact that one nicely-assembled brunette was bumping and grinding along to a tune that sounded very much like “Battle of the Tyne.” My only suggestion is that next year I think the girls could use a green, orange, and white striped pole attached to the bed of the trailer. Much safer that way--wouldn’t want any of them to fall off.

Anyway, quite a show this year to be sure--I’ll be sure and bring my camera next year.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at March 17, 2006 02:01 PM

I was a little taken aback by the Furnace float, since I was standing there with my new beau, his sister, her husband and their two kids under the age of 5. And one of the strippers spanked the other one while one of the kids was watching.


Posted by: megabeth at March 17, 2006 05:17 PM

I imagine it was the Battle of Tyne. Assuming said Battle was faught with g-strings and tassles.

Posted by: skinnydan at March 19, 2006 12:39 PM

Or even fought.

Posted by: skinnydan at March 19, 2006 12:40 PM