July 26, 2005

Items of Late Afternoon Interest

Well, it's thundering, for one thing, guaranteeing that the ride home will be full of slippery thrills.

Second, I have my biweekly Great Big Pile of Fun Meeting tomorrow morning at A Very Early Time, so expect intermittent Possumbloggery.

Third, could it be an unexpected, midweek Date Night!? I have no idea. But tonight the children get to spend the night at Grand-mahmah's and Grand-pahpah's villa! Reba ALSO has an early morning meeting tomorrow, and didn't want to have to get up any earlier than necessary in order to get the kids to her mom's house, so she asked if they could spend the night tonight so they'll already be there in the morning. And now we're left with no children in the house TONIGHT. No telling WHAT we might do! I need a haircut (the skint side now having grown back lush and full, although still lopsided when compared to the other side) and she hasn't gotten to ride in the Volvo yet, so we MIGHT just take it out for a spin to the Head Start place. WOO-HOO! LIVIN' LA VIDA DÓCIL, baby! Or, we might spend a romantic evening at home, with me typing her paper, and she writing the parts that haven't been done yet. All in all, it promises to be quite the wild night in Trussvegas.

Anyway, see you all tomorrow sometime--maybe.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at July 26, 2005 03:21 PM