May 18, 2005

This will be interesting.

Scrushy jury gets instructions; deliberations to start Thursday

They're going to hear the closing arguments today, and then start their deliberations tomorrow. It might just be my perception, but it seems that jury trials have become crapshoot when it comes to being able to predict an outcome. From what I've read about the case and from what I know of the organization just based upon personal observation and conversations with friends who work(ed) there, the government's case seems overwhelming.

This is balanced by a defense that seems determined to tout the fact that since the defendant's fingerprints were never found on anything, since he never typed up a big memo stating that he was going to engage in a little criminal enterprise, then he must be innocent. A quote from the News article--

[...] Scrushy predicted a victory Tuesday after court adjourned. "I feel good. We've had a good defense. There is no evidence that ties me to anything." [...]

Sorry, but that's the talk of someone hoping to beat the rap, not someone who's innocent. Whether the jury is able to see the weakness in that argument for what it is, who know? It seems that at one time, such an argument was guaranteed to get you a room at the Gray Bar Hotel, but now it seems too many jurors are much too willing to accept even the most ridiculous assertions as proof of innocence. I have no idea who the jurors are in this case, but I do hope if they don't convict, it's not because they bought that juvenile, "you never saw me do it," line of reasoning.

I'm sure if he does walk, in his mind he will probably be able to twist an acquittal around to salve any sort of wounds his mighty ego may have suffered in this process. He'll go on with whatever it is scandal-clouded rich guys do--maybe play a round of golf with O.J., and they can all talk about Jesus, and how mean-spirited some people can be.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at May 18, 2005 09:42 AM

I am sooooooo tired of this trial. My fervent hope is that Birmingham doesn't have some equivalent of the first "OJ" jury.

Posted by: El at May 19, 2005 08:10 AM