May 17, 2005

You know what I'm going to do?

I think I'm going to go home in just a bit and play with the Volvo some. (I drove it to work today, you know.) Might clean the wheels again, or at least see if I can. And maybe look up under the dash and see how all that stuff comes apart. Taking things apart is very important. Almost as much as being able to put things together!

Of course, by stating plainly what I want to do this afternoon, I have a feeling my plans for automotive time-wasting will be dashed by someone wanting me to do something not the least bit car-related.

Oh well.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at May 17, 2005 04:31 PM

So how'd that work out for you?

Posted by: Lenise at May 18, 2005 07:51 AM

Well, let me tell you...

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at May 18, 2005 08:25 AM