May 09, 2005

And tonight?

I have to escort Oldest to a school function of some sort--I have been told about this an inordinate amount of times, which makes my vague recollection of why and where and all that very unsatisfying. I believe it's a semi-dressy function for the choir kids, or band kids, or someone, but I can't remember, and would have felt horrible asking Reba exactly what it was, seeing as how she already had to call and remind me I was supposed to be taking Oldest with me.

I do promise I will not try to act cool or witty or anything in front of her. That would be SO! EM!barrassing. And I suppose we'll go in the van, just to keep her from feeling bad about arriving in a car with faded paint.

I just wish I could remember what sort of function this is. And I wish that I wouldn't be sporting a 5 o'clock shadow for it--it starts at 6 and I'd never be able to get home in time to shave. Oh well. I'm sure she'll look pretty, and that's what counts.

Posted by Terry Oglesby at May 9, 2005 04:10 PM